Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 12 - The Sun is Out

Have you ever listened to the rain at night and felt so comforted?  Something about that rain, the freshness, that sound of washing old things out and clearing the ground for new life really makes my life when I hear it :)  Day 8 and 9 were toughies, I felt I could hardly move.  It didn't make sense to me til I called the doctor and they said that sometimes with the removal of lymph nodes, even when only 3 are taken, as in my case, your arm and side can really feel it.  That was my experience and I felt wiped out.  I'm not sure why that happened after taking out the drains, but I'm actually so glad I felt that way because when the rain fell Friday night, it felt more like a friend than any rainfall I remember.

The next morning, it was fresh, sunny and my body seemed to work a bit better.  I could not help feeling so very grateful.  Sometimes we need a little pain and lack of mobility :) to help us appreciate how good we have it.  Since Saturday, I've been trying to pace myself better, and though I still need naps, and still have to take it pretty slow, my arm and side are getting a lot more manageable :)  A dear friend shared the following with me and with her permission I'm sharing it here because it is such a good reminder:

"It's important to take time to slow down and enjoy the journey.  I tend to fill up all my time and then it's easy to feel exhausted - physically and emotionally - which kind of takes the joy of of things.  Then I don't think straight, I'm more irritable, and I tend to make more mistakes or hurt myself.  I think it's not so much about the quantity of things I do, but more about the quality of who I am that matters most."

So good.  As an update, yes, healing is going well, and wait for it...I took a real shower on Saturday   Oh ya!  Mom helped me and it was so nice to be clean!  I had a real look, straight on, at the surgery site. It was my first time really seeing it, where as before I'd just look down at it when we were changing the dressings.  It looks great, it also looks different and a little funny, but mother reminded me to smile and remember how blessed I am, and she's so right.  This is my new life and though emotionally that has been tough at times, I feel the most difficult parts are behind me.  I am super blessed.

Mom and I were talking about his combined with my love of women and of people all over the glove - in some ways, she felt like this might be an invaluable experience so that I can better understand, even in some small ways, the many types of loss that so many women have and will go through.  They may be able to better trust me because of my experience.  Her thought rings true within me.  I feel grateful for the Lord's healing hand on me, my ability to feel aches and pains, and to hopefully use this experience to lift others on some future day, hopefully soon.

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