Wednesday, August 17, 2016

As I work, as I walk from place to place, as I type, talk with others, fight to focus, it seems feelings and emotions threaten to overwhelm me, and I am left standing by myself in some field or space, while people work and live all around me. I am not alone, and yet I am. Can I walk forward, can I walk on?

And yet, people come as blessings from the One who watches over me. They lift my spirit, I can go another minute, another ten, even an hour. Continually, He flows blessings unto me. I must reach out my arms and hands, open my eyes, and allow myself to feel and acknowledge the blessings.

Maybe it is like recovering from surgery, and I’ve done that. You start with one step, then 10 and then 100. You walk around your block once, and then twice, and soon, you can’t count the times you’ve made it around that block. But you look forward, not back. You must look forward. I must. I will.