Friday, February 27, 2009

My visit to Rachel's

Can't believe it has already been two weeks since I visited my little sis Rach in Rio Rico, Arizona...right near the border. It was such a great experience spending time with her, meeting the lovely new addition to her family, Lena, and getting to know little Caleb a little bit better. That kid looks just like rach did at that age...except, his head is a bit bigger :).  It was also so good to hear more about Dean's job and to get a better understanding of what he's doing.  It was neat to see how good he is to my sister.  They are a great team!

Visiting with Rachel was so nice. I'm not sure there is anyone in this world with whom I can talk to and feel so understood, speak freely and not feel judged, and with whom I know I can always be my truest self. Feeling this way is such a gift. When I make a mistake, I know she will always forgive me and always help me be my best. Saying it was refreshing to be with her is an understatement - it had been a while since we were together and being with her rejuvenated me!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I couldn't believe how perfect little Lenichka Seriously, the pictures don't even do her justice! 

She is so precious!

Please excuse the camera lady.  She still doesn't seem to know how to hold a camera upright nor how to refrain from saying weird, annoying things on camera :)  How unfortunate for the viewer.

Here is Caleb telling me all about the cows :)  Rach and Dean live in an open range area which means that cows roam the area freely...quite freely!  This was especially funny when there were 7 of these guys right outside their back door.  

Below, Caleb demonstrates several animal sounds...he especially likes doing that while on Dean's back.  Though a little camera shy, you can get the idea.  He's a pretty funny little guy :).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spot Light on some Family Funnies

There are things that really make me laugh and one of them is watching videos of members of my family doing funny things. As I've been visiting Rachel this weekend, she's reminded me of some of the videos she made while living in Puyallup with Caleb last year. The videos posted here are mostly funny if you know these peeps and especially if you grew up with them :). They seem to capture some of my siblings in both a hilarious and cute way!

Abs, Mares, and Joe indoctrinating Caleb: Harry Potter

Abby and Mary singing "Hey, Baby"...which was supposed to be Abby singing it to Caleb...but then Mary decided she wanted in on the fun too. Great potrayal of these two!

Joe here is giving Caleb his first lessons in flying.

Abs and Mares dancing up a storm. Very cute. Makes me miss time at home.