Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healthy Websites!

Since beginning two weeks ago at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), I have been exposed to quite a lot of health information :) There are two sites that I love love love and wanted to share with anyone who feels like checking out some fun and beneficial reads.

The first is called: Check Your Health and its fabulous. Check Your Health's layout it simple and easy to understand. That's my type of website. Topics cover healthy eating, being active, health for kids, and necessary screenings. As you look through the site, it is great because a lot of the information is practical and not overwhelming! Love that.

The second is CDC's Physical Activity site. Here again, the layout is pretty easy to understand and the information available is pretty clear. CDC offers physical activity guidelines for children, adults and older adults and helps individuals know how each should determine what is best for him or herself based on various needs.

These might not leave you excited for hours, but hopefully they can give you a couple of ideas if you're looking for a few reminders on how to be healthy. Hope you enjoy. There are also quite a few blogs out there with health themes and with great ideas on ways to maintain good overall health. They aren't all credible, but those that are can be great educators and motivators.

This week, I've been reminded of how much I absolutely loooove to run...especially outdoors. During my longer breaks at work, I've run outside and man, there isn't much quite like having the wind whip your face with fresh air, having time to think or to not have to think, and to be moving with the earth. Its probably the time I feel the most at peace and at one within myself. We all need to find whatever does that for us - when I forget or get "too busy," it seems my psyche suffers :).

Monday, December 1, 2008

From Boston to the Utah Department of Health

White Rabbit! Congratulations to everyone who remembered to say this today! It felt like my birthday, receiving so many texts from folks claiming
good luck for the month. Today also marked a huge change in my life: a transition from Boston to my new job at the Utah Department of Health in Salt Lake City.

Though I have not posted much about my experiences in Boston, living there with Ben, Emily, Denison, Annielle and little Brigham was a blessed experience that gave to me in many ways. Being around them taught me a great deal. It was especially nice to be with them at Thanksgiving.

While staying there, a good friend visited me, we watched the Celtics play, visited many historical sites, I met fabulous folks, staffed at Harvard's Business School (...just saying :), and even received "specialized" training workouts and went on fun adventures throughout both Boston and Cambridge with Boston's very own VIP, Rob Leahey! It doesn't feel like I was there very long, but somehow I became very attached to that lovely old historic part of our country and to the people living there as well. Being downtown, around those old buildings, made me feel I'd stepped inside a history book...and I kind of was just too cool. It would be wonderful to live there again in the future...a little more long-term-like.

Feeling a bit torn, but also quite hopeful, I moved back to Utah last weekend. And, as of today, I have begun my "career"...or actually, just my job, but I really like thinking of it as my career because the word is so "adult-like" and mature-sounding...oh, yes...the a Health Program Specialist in the Utah Arthritis Program. This opportunity will train me in several areas and will help me for future experiences as well. The program is intimate though it connects with others in several areas throughout the Department of Health. A number of BYU Public Health grads who I know are working at the Department too, so this will be quite nice to spend time and learn from their experiences. What a blessing to have a job in my field, with such good people, and in such a good area. I have moved in with Liz and her family in Salt Lake City and its already proved to not only be a huge blessing, but also a load of laughs.

Happy start to this holiday season one and all :)