Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healthy Websites!

Since beginning two weeks ago at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), I have been exposed to quite a lot of health information :) There are two sites that I love love love and wanted to share with anyone who feels like checking out some fun and beneficial reads.

The first is called: Check Your Health and its fabulous. Check Your Health's layout it simple and easy to understand. That's my type of website. Topics cover healthy eating, being active, health for kids, and necessary screenings. As you look through the site, it is great because a lot of the information is practical and not overwhelming! Love that.

The second is CDC's Physical Activity site. Here again, the layout is pretty easy to understand and the information available is pretty clear. CDC offers physical activity guidelines for children, adults and older adults and helps individuals know how each should determine what is best for him or herself based on various needs.

These might not leave you excited for hours, but hopefully they can give you a couple of ideas if you're looking for a few reminders on how to be healthy. Hope you enjoy. There are also quite a few blogs out there with health themes and with great ideas on ways to maintain good overall health. They aren't all credible, but those that are can be great educators and motivators.

This week, I've been reminded of how much I absolutely loooove to run...especially outdoors. During my longer breaks at work, I've run outside and man, there isn't much quite like having the wind whip your face with fresh air, having time to think or to not have to think, and to be moving with the earth. Its probably the time I feel the most at peace and at one within myself. We all need to find whatever does that for us - when I forget or get "too busy," it seems my psyche suffers :).


GreenTaiwan said...

Hey Bex!
I never got back to your messege in regards to my messege. I was at the first presidency fireside...and now I am realizing that I will probably just see you tomorrow and I'll finish the story then. So I'll see you tomorrow.

Veronique said...

Thanks Becky, They look great! LOVE YA!!!!