Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spot Light on some Family Funnies

There are things that really make me laugh and one of them is watching videos of members of my family doing funny things. As I've been visiting Rachel this weekend, she's reminded me of some of the videos she made while living in Puyallup with Caleb last year. The videos posted here are mostly funny if you know these peeps and especially if you grew up with them :). They seem to capture some of my siblings in both a hilarious and cute way!

Abs, Mares, and Joe indoctrinating Caleb: Harry Potter

Abby and Mary singing "Hey, Baby"...which was supposed to be Abby singing it to Caleb...but then Mary decided she wanted in on the fun too. Great potrayal of these two!

Joe here is giving Caleb his first lessons in flying.

Abs and Mares dancing up a storm. Very cute. Makes me miss time at home.


Candi said...

Thanks for those Becky. Your family is awesome. I can't believe how much Abby looks like you (especially when dancing...).
Oh and hey - I was eating pistachios the other day and it made me think of you.

joseph said...

Bex, this is the worst display of naked aggression against children I have ever seen. Caleb was definitely "over-stimulated" at our house. It's a wonder he survived.

Elena said...

555555555555!!!!! so much fun!!!

Reid said...

I'm sure the drool is just a sign of how much the little guy just wants to join in the singing. Looks like fun to me.

Holly and Matthew said...

OH BECKSTER!!! I loved your videos! SOOO FUN!!! CONGRATS to Rach on her 2nd! That is AWESOME! :) SO ADORABLE! How are you doing? :) LOVE YOU :)