Monday, September 10, 2012

Pause due to Traveling

Hello there family and friends,

So, I have a quick moment to say hi and check in, but unfortunately, I will not be able to finish my other posts from this trip till later in the week, most likely the weekend.  We haven't had internet access for the past few days and it looks like I won't for the next several.  All I can say is that this country is A-MAZING!  I love it here so so much and never want to leave.  What a blessing to be here.

Love you all and I will post everything from last Wednesday on, by the end of Sunday this weekend.  Thanks for your patience!


P.S. It is so very inspiring to me to see how significant family, fidelity, modesty and chastity are to the people of India.  I'll have to explain more later, but over these last few days, I've listen to adults talk about the great importance of family and of making family your universe...oh, man, I really love it and have felt so inspired by all of the Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian believers that I've met and talked with here so far!

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Elizabeth Lyman Jensen said...

I'm loving reading about your adventures. I hope that you continue to love your time there. Sending love and prayers your way!