Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sixth Day: Mahamallapuram

Top 5

* Saturday trip to Mahamallapuram, a cool village on the coast - we shopped a good bit, saw ruins, and walked along the shore.  Oh man!  I looooove the ocean, love, love, love it.  It gives me so much energy and strength; it renews me, refreshes me and gives me peace....and sooooo much happiness and joy!

* Shopping - being a consumer ;) - you all know how much I love that, but actually, it was fun to learn the types of things they sell here and to figure out how much things should cost versus some of the "special deals" we were offered
Shore Temple

* Ruins - Butterball and some of these other surround ruins - good times - fascinating to see such beautiful carvings - and yet, somehow, carvings and shopping, and seeing all the cool sites had less of an appeal to me Saturday.  Really, I preferred my time walking on the beach with Cassidy and Tony to the rest of the activities - it was so renewing.

Ruins near the Butterball

* Dinner - SO Good! - We had parodas (pratas)...so good and they were reminiscent of the rotis I had in Thailand

Really loved this carving

Thought this was so so typical of our surroundings and so cool - wanted to share with you all.

* Movie - Saturday night is movie night here and this week was the kids' choice.  They chose a modern Tamil love story - funny to see what made them laugh and excited since the climax of the film at the end was when the guy finally held the girls hand and she took it.  Exciting :)  That's my style ;)  It is interesting how the guys and girls are so separated here.  During the movie, the boys sat on one side of the floor and the girls on the other side.  

We stumbled upon this sacred Hindu traveling ceremony.  Aunin explained what they were doing but I can't remember.  It seemed pretty neat though.  People kept throwing water on these guys' feet, and then incense would be burned as in the picture, and there was a lot more to it, I just don't remember and didn't understand.
* Sleep - so tired!


Stephanie C. said...

Such cool photos! :D

Laura said...

What you expressed about walking by [and in] the ocean...I couldn't have expressed it any better myself :)
I really like the colorful views you have shown in the pictures; it reminds me a lot of the colors that show up in Mexico. Other countries seem to use a lot more color than we do here, especially on their buildings. I like it!
Keep up the wonderful blog!
Love you...AALaura

Maren B said...

The indian ocEAN?! That's so awesome!