Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting a new life...555

Last night, Liz and I had dinner with one of my favorite people on the planet!...I really want to emphasize my Beckiness by saying it like that :)...and mostly bug Joe because he loves it when I say such statements! Okay, okay. The truth is Adam is and has been one of my very best and closest friends while I've been here in Utah for the last several years. We've both worked at Thai Ruby together and he's impressed me so many times with how good he is to others and how loyal he is to his friends. He inspires me to be a better friend to others.

Adam was recently offered a job
in Hawaii working as a quality control specialist on fishing boats. He's all kinds of smart in micro-biology and he's excited about the opportunities and experience this job will provide him. We're sad he's leaving but happy for him...and, how neat is that?!

In this first picture, I think Liz is overcome with sadness because Adam is leaving...which doesn't explain Adam's smile...oh, maybe that's because Adam thought he was being funny while Liz was washing all the dishes! Yes...that's it. And in the second shot, it really looks like Adam loves us...well, he does...he just doesn't always feel like smiling, especially when I tell him he should :)

We had dinner at the Briles family homestead :) Here we have Adam's family from the top left to the bottom right: Dad, Mom, Adam, Uncle Eric, Granny, sister Mares and her fiance Travis. This family is the coolest family - way down to earth and they do an incredible job of living off the land...using their resources efficiently. Don't know if that is the best way to put it - but they are quite the family and a ton of fun!

Think we had a bit too much fun with this last pic.
We'll miss you Adam. You're amazing!

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