Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visiting Rach and her little ones

Wow...so, this was quite a while ago...but I must blog about it as it was such a great trip and you must have the opportunity to see more pictures of Rachel's little gang. I love her family.
Liz and I flew down to Rio Rico, AZ for Memorial Day weekend. Actually, it was because I was buying Rach's little car...now named the Lil' Digg...and that was the only way to get it...but Rio Rico was exactly where I wanted to be. Felt so spoiled...didn't think I would be able to visit Rach for quite a while after that trip in February.
Back to the trip :) It was wonderful to be with Rachel and her little family. Lena had grown a ton and it was heaven to be around all four Delaps. Man, if I can do that a few times a year for the rest of my life...how great life would be.
Enjoy these masterfully shot videos of us playing with Caleb and Lena.

Liz was so good with the kids...seriously, that girl has a gift for playing and teaching children; it was fun to see. Sorry for the back shot starter there Liz.
As you can tell, Caleb never got tired of Ring Around the Rosie...nope, he loves that game!
This one is so funny of Lena...she really wanted all 10 fingers in her mouth!
We both really enjoyed Caleb and Lena. Lena can smile so big you question if it's really that healthy to open one's mouth so wide :)
Caleb was very interested in everything he wanted to do. I love that picture of Dean and Caleb walking out in their back yard. It just seems like a Calvin and Hobbes picture.
Our friend Rick took Liz and I to Nogales and showed us the border fence, many of the posts, and the fine dinning Nogales has to offer visitors :) Lots of cheap shopping for cheap clothes, if you're down for the trip!
With so much time existing between myself now and when I took that trip, I can't remember all I wanted to originally say. This one thing I will add...Rachel is such a good mom. She impresses me with the effort she puts into teaching and raising her children with love. Dean is so good too. Very patient with the ever-willing-to-challenge-anyone Caleb ;).
We also sang together, of course, and there isn't much that makes me feel like that does. Yep. Very grateful for the wonderful person and blessing she is.
Liz and I drove back in the Lil' Digg and it held up great! There's quite the lovely scenery between the Rio Rico and Salt Lake City :)...though we were missing the folks we'd left in Rio Rico.


Megan and Alejandro said...

What an adorable family! Really great pics bucks. I'm interested to hear what life is like for them down there...

joseph said...

I didn't realize your name was bucks, but now that i know . . . Hey Bucks! Nice pics. I also didn't realize "ring around the rosey" always ends with an "airplane." Caleb will never be able to play that now without doing the airplane at the end.

Also, I could tell Caleb enjoyed you, but deep down really missed his uncle joey. You could just see it in his eyes.

thack said...

Thanks for the nice video of my backside... Wow. I'm glad that's on the WWW.

That was a very fun trip and is now well documented.

Joe, jfyi Caleb may have missed you, we're not sure. But Annie defintely didn't. She doesn't like boys. She told us.

Elena said...

Wow! I loved the post sooo much! Kids are adorable! And so adults are.
Thank you, Becky!!

Elena said...

I can't stop watching the video with Lena eating her fingers :) sooo much fun!! :))

Лена said...

My mom said Lenichka is very beautiful.