Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Joe turned 28 today! Wow...how did that happen? He's posted a hilarious bit on his blog that you have to check out and comment on :). Here's the link to his blog if you don't already have it. It is also along the side of my blog in the list of others' blog addresses.

Joe is a master at words so me writing something about him will just not do him justice. All the same though, I do want to verbalize in the smallest of ways, why I absolutely love Joseph McCune Castleton. I think it started when he stole my ice cream, that first of a gazillion times...definitely didn't start any earlier...he was still screaming for the first few years of our lives...from screaming to stealing...what a great start Joe. He made us all laugh and could get away with anything on the planet because of that. Joe's always been good looking...he made best friends with all the girls in our junior high...and on the first day of school too, just because he was "so cute." Yes, you were definitely called cute.

With his gift of bringing us to laughter and sometimes to the point of tears too, Joe also had the gift of a beautiful singing voice, amazing piano ability and creativity, a steady and consistent approach to life, fast legs, great bowing on his cello, and awesome moves on the wrestling mat. It was fun growing up with him. Joe was a great listener and he also taught me quite a bit about what matters most.

From picking up trash on the freeway together, sharing the MTC, hair cuts on end, and long conversations talking about our funny dating experiences, I have always been so proud to call you my brother. Yes, you're right, it is I that is lucky to have you in my life!

Let's hear it for a great year for JoeCool!


joseph said...

stole your ice-cream? I'm pretty sure you gave me your ice-cream. anyone who is going to fall for the "hey, look what's on Ben's face" trick, is pretty much giving away their ice-cream.

nice post. thanks.

thack said...

Bex, this is such a nice tribute. I like how you used past tense throughout, it's almost like an obituary before he dies. And maybe one day it could be Joe's actual obituary. Which is now one year closer...

Elena said...

haha, agree with Thack :)
Bex, you are a great sister for a great Joe! Loved your post!!
(i feel just fine using exclamations here, what i couldn't say about Joe's blog..)

May 20, 2009 12:16 PM

Elena said...

I like when Joe has his short beard :)