Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moving Forward and Onward :)

In case any of you are wanting the details of tomorrow's party, I mean surgery, here you are :)

Location: Utah Surgical Center
Address: 3715 West 4100 South, West Valley City
Check in at 7am, surgery at about 8am
Stay: til about 12 noon, release same day - awesome, no?  :)

This is the last part of the reconstruction process, in case you're wondering.  I'll be home for the next week with my amazing mom and dad.  They both have miraculously made it work to come and help/support me.  Feeling really grateful :)

Thank you all for your care, concern, prayers, thoughts, messages, cards, flowers, visits, assistance, etc.  It is impossible for me to adequately express my gratitude.  I truly have a blessed life.  Loves to each of you!

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Maren B said...

Hope everything went well and that recovery isn't too painful!