Thursday, August 30, 2012

Third Day: A little bit of school

I'm a bit behind on this blog, and so I'm taking my sister Emily's advice and I'm giving a Top 5 list for today.   Hope that works :)

Kay - one of us volunteers.  I just think she's so beautiful - she's a really neat part of our group.

Top 5

* Running early in the morning through our Rising Star Outreach campus - this consists of our "Elephant House" hostel, the school, the student eating/performing outdoor building, the students' hostel (the kids put out their laundry early in the morning so it's fun to see them), and the grove of palm trees.

For play time, Marilyn put together a fun group of "Olympic" games.  Although it was a little crazy, it really ended up to be quite the fun afternoon with all of the students.  They just looooove to have fun :) 

* Tutoring Davidraj math ("raj" apparently means king so a lot of boys have that as part of their name, super cool) - he was so focused and interestied in figuring out the math problems, and you could tell he was into the test we did on the computers - he reminded me a lot of myself as a kid because he loved it so much.

* Tutoring English - we spent 5 or 6 periods reading individually with students the story Hansel & Gretel - got that one memorized now!  It was really fun to see when the kids were into it, when they wanted to figure out how you say different words they were reading, and when they were comprehending the story...and then tough for me when certain ones wanted to be doing anything but reading ;), but it was a really great experience overall.  I looooove education.

* Math & Reading with my group during family time in the evening (7:30-8:30pm).  Something about that time is super sweet and I love how all the boys wanted to play with my head lamp.  They would all swear to me that they would use it for just one minute and be very careful with it :)  They got a big kick out of that light - thanks Tim!

* Getting to know their names and hearing them call out my name.
Setting up for dinner.  We eat here on top of our hostel roof each night at about 6pm.
I brought my little notebook with me everywhere I went and wrote down all the names of the kids I worked with and played with along with a description of who they are.  I won't remember all 235 of them, but hopefully, I can get to know a good group of them.  They love it when you remember their names.  And they are really such good kids.  I know they do this to everyone, but I also really love hearing them call out my name with their happy voices, even if they are just saying my name because I'm a white girl, it just makes me happy.


Tim Zupancic said...

I'm glad I was able to add something to your trip. Though my contribution was small I would say it was very illuminating ;)
Your pics are great, thanks for taking the time to share with all of us your experiences. You are awesome!
Love ya

greysquirrelb said...

Thanks :)

Also, I'm really sorry to anyone reading these post if the pictures are off. Depending on the browser, some are only halfway showing onto the page. Sorry about that!

Stephanie C. said...

Yay for happy kids!! They sound so fun! :D I'm glad all is going well!

Laura said...

Still keeping those great pics coming our way! I like the rooftop dining very cool. Is this used the year around?
It looks like all the kids are having a great time with the sports; lots of happy faces there.
Love you....AALaura