Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stand By...'s pretty cool that I haven't blogged on here since last January...2011!!  But, guess what, times are finally changing.  Why?  Well, I'll tell you.  Two reasons:

  1. I'm heading to India in a little over a week (wow, that makes me smile) and so I will be blogging some of my experiences from our location there in/near Chennai.  For years, I've dreamed and wanted to go to India to volunteer with the Leprosy colonies, and it almost makes me cry because I am finally going to go.  I can't wait to learn from them...and hopefully it will be one of many similar adventures.
  2. This year, I have been reading the Bible, cover to cover, in a new way, not some here and some there, and I have just got to say, I LOVE the Bible!!  It lifts me, it brings so much light to me, and is absolutely fascinating.  Whoever said the Old Testament is not interesting surely needs to give it another try - it's incredibly captivating for Becky Castleton!  One day recently, I was just thinking that I would love to blog about why I've loved this journey through the Bible so much, what it is teaching me, the connections I'm making to my own life, etc.  If that's not your thing (not that I have many readers ;)) feel free to bypass that stuff, but if you're interested please read on.  I'd love your comments as well.  Right now I'm in I may do a little backtracking to share a few gems from earlier pages.
Thanks and bless you to anyone who reads my blog  :)  It impresses me to see that folks used to, and I hope that what I post will be uplifting and fun for any future readers.

Love Flows  ~  Rebecca, Becky, Bex, Becks, the  :)


Lena said...

Ok, I'll follow you.
p.s.I also fell in love with the Bible. I know how you feel ;)

Snow said...

I would love to read all your Bible insights! I was slowly reading through the Bible steadily for a while but then it fell off the radar. My bookmark is still there, though. You've inspired me to start back up where I left off!



Maren B said...

YAY! I hope you will blog consistently when you're in India! I want to know all about it.