Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Tradition I Love

Since my first year in Provo, I have visited Zion National Park on numerous occasions to camp and hike through the Narrows, the Emerald Pools, to Weeping Rock, etc. My mom is from the desert. As a little girl, mom's favorite hike was up Angel's Landing, which she and her two siblings would do practically running, as little kids do :). For some reason, it was not until last year that I actually hiked Angel's Landing for the first time. It was a really special and sacred experience for me as every step made me think of my angel mother. She is the reason for soooo much good in my life and one of the most important reasons I have the beliefs I have. As I reached the top that first time, I felt a very real connection to her that I hope to never forget.

This all said, Liz and I decided later last year that it was time she and I hike it together, and so, posing as foreigners that only speak Thai...which we do...in addition to English :), we hiked Angel's Landing. Doing so was healing, actually invigorating, a ton of fun and beautiful beyond words! Before I left Utah for "next stop is anywhere I get a job" a few weeks ago, she and I hiked it again. We decided it's a tradition :)...a new one, but one at that and I hope we continue it. Look at these amazing views. There's not much quite like it. You have to hike it if you haven't already.
The day after the hike, we visited my feisty and hilarious grandmother McCain in Cedar City at this great rehabilitation center where she is relearning how to walk(!) because of complications. She was too good to us and I was so grateful to see her. It has come to me that she has blessed my life more than I will ever really understand. Thank you Grandma. Enjoy the pictures all :). Cheers!


Elena said...

Becky!i just wanted to say that i love you, and like to read your blog!

littlercas said...

Bex- I love this picture with you and Grandma. She has color in her face and you both look happy. I love your pictures in Boston too. Ben and Em's kids are extremely cute, almost as cute as you. :) love you, Rach