Sunday, March 23, 2008

years to your life...

So, this is my new blog. Yes! It's all about celebrating your life. For starters, let's talk food: eating 5 fruits and vegetables each day is vitally important to your health..."it will add years to your life!" (quoted from CYL speech 2007...and often by my brother-in-law Dean). And when you live longer, you will have more life to celebrate. So, remember: 5-A-Day!
This has been a message from the Ad Council..., there is more than this to celebrating your life :) stay tuned for more cyl updates!

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thack said...

love the blog bex! never to forget our "fun-times" finding an address. i'm sorry you never got a hold of google... yet bccelebrates is great. just change to background, it's not exciting enough for cyl and it is quite joe-esq. 555